CREATE CAREERS: The 'Aha Moment'

Have you ever reflected on your life and then all of a sudden experienced an “Aha Moment?” That being a pivotal moment of sudden insight or discovery, that solidifies a decision to set the direction and move forward.

Well that was something I had experienced earlier in the year, when having a conversation with my business partner. At the time, we had discussed the importance of values and how they influence who we are and our core beliefs. What surfaced was that it is essential to align our values of who we say we are to our actual everyday lives. This is because at the end of the day, the only person we are ever in competition with is becoming the best version of ourselves.

During this conversation, it was further reinforced that we create our own reality and that every decision (or even indecision itself) is a choice that impacts our perceived quality of life. In the scheme of things, life is what we make of it and to grow and evolve, we need to take risks (which involves going outside our comfort zone) whilst remaining true to our own values.

You are probably wondering where I am going with this… I assure you it will all make sense soon (this isn’t just some motivational literature- so bare with me).


To create is to bring something into existence, it is to make, to design, develop and establish. 


Together with my business partner, we decided to create a company that reflected our core values and for this to lay the foundation of how we would like to interact, connect and do business with people. In our daily lives we constantly practice and live, to the best of our abilities, the values of honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, reliability and being ethical and respectful to all. (Keeping it mind that this is a constant practice day in and out, as we are humans but it is all about continually striving to be and do the best you can). 

Having had great experience working in recruitment, it provided a solid foundation and opportunity to learn and create ideas on how positive change could be facilitated to further enhance and add-value to the industry.

Ultimately, we all need connection with other people to grow, evolve, be successful, thrive and be happy. I’m also a firm believer that in life everything comes down to your connections and it is all about the people you know and the positive contributions you can make to others.

As we are people that are really passionate and care for people,
we decided to establish


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| The Executive search, Digital, Marketing, PR, big Data, IT, Cyber Security & Fraud, Risk & Compliance Recruitment Consultancy |


Rather than going into significant detail about our company, you can read all about how we are advocates for both talent and employers.

Whilst creating our own careers, we are facilitating the alignment of talent to create their desired careers and employers to hire the best teams.

We are so grateful to be doing so well, so early on in our journey. As we have already placed numerous people within larger financial services firms and also within various digital, communications and PR agencies.

It takes two to connect!


So if you are looking for your next opportunity or keen to have a conversation to hire- let’s work together to co-create a productive and lasting partnership.


Let’s make this happen!

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This article was originally posted on LinkedIn.